New Tasker C282 Super on stock!

New Tasker C282 Super on stock!

New entry in Tasker range!
Test our New Cable C282 Super 8 x 4,00 mm².

It can be suitable for speaker arrays, professional PA systems and other loudspeaker installations… contact us for more details about and let us advice you!

Below you can find some features and tips:

>>8 x 4,00 mm²

>>Black Soft Pvc sheath.

>>Black and numbered cores for an easier handling and insulation with HT105° PVC.

>>Cores crown grouped around a central PE rigid filler and wrapped with not woven tape.

>>F.C. Red Copper formation.

Even with a 18,00 mm outer diameter it is extremely flexible and soft so perfect to be used on cable drums!

This new cable is already on stock and ready to be delivered, 100/300/500 m reels available and it may be custom produced also in L.S.Z.H. or PUR.

Have a look at our website for more info and send us an email to ask for a sample, we are always at your complete disposal!