RJ45 Cat.6 complete connector

NE8MC6-MO (Tasker TN500)

New RJ45 Cat.6 complete connector


The set NE8MC6-MO includes a cable plug carrier offering a robust metal shell with Push-Pull locking system.

It can accomodate STP and UTP cables with O.D. of 5,5 mm to 6,5 mm.

It is IP65 (water and dust resistent) and has the data rate up to 10 GB/s.

10 pieces packaging.


General features


NE8MC6-MO (Tasker TN500)

Short description

RJ45 Cat.6 complete connector.

Connector features

Applicable cable diameter (mm)

Min. Ø 5,50 mm - Max. Ø 6,50 mm

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