BNC 75 Ohm connector


BNC 75 Ohm connector


BNC 75 Ohm PROFESSIONAL connector for video applications.

Connector suitable for the realisation of extensions, cable adaptors, connection video cables for equipments with BNC endings for equipment such as: Home cinema, Flat TVS, Plasma Screens, LCD, VCR, TC, DVD, SAT receivers, Decoders etc..

Gold-plated contacts 24K-1,5μ

Teflon insulation resistant to:



-max temperature 260°C.

Shell in anti-oxide anodized metal

Soldering type


General features



Short description

BNC 75 Ohm PROFESSIONAL connector for video applications

Packaging: multiple of 10 pieces

Prompt delivery!

Connector features

Applicable cable diameter (mm)

Max. Ø 3,0 mm.-Max. Ø 4,4 mm.

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