Guitar cable with Carbon Screen 1x0,55



High quality guitar cable has the ability to reproduce a music signal in its original form, respecting the timbres of the instruments, acute and high notes and low ones in particular.

This high-quality transmission depends on both precious and special materials used and the particular construction of the cable:

-the number of extremely thin wires pure OFC copper that make up the central conductor and guarantee not only an important section and a low electrical resistance but also a very good flexibility

-the thickness of the insulating material in neutral polythene with high dielectric characteristics which allows the low capacity of the cable

-the double differentiated shielding because constituted by a first and special sheath thermoplastic added mineral and highly conductive, which in addition to the shielding effect has the function to filter the transmitted signal; a second braided shield of pure copper OFC that ensures the total coverage and the shielding effect from the noise and external disturbances.

-the outer sheath is particularly sturdy and soft of elevated thickness which allows the cable to withstand the most extreme stress such as twisting, poaching, the fold and the return of the cable and in particular to absorb the shocks, as well as making a pleasant feeling to the touch.


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Cable for guitar and bass

Supreme quality

Dual screen

Super Flexible but sturdy

Chosen by top international artists

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