RG178 BU

Coax Video cable MIL C17F 1x0.05

RG178 BU


Extra-flexible mini-coax cable with impedance of 50 Ω MIL C17 – M17/169 standard.
This cable is suitable to SMA (Sub Miniature version A) and SMB (Sub Miniature version B) and other miniature connectors like for example: mini-BNC e MCX.

Specially this cable is ideal for the realization of patch-cables connecting digital videocameras for the control of working process in industrial automation lines or for the connection of audio and video and electronic cards inside and outside the apparatus and instrumentation for fixed and mobile laying.

Suitable also for the connection of antennas and for cable assembly: WLAN, GPS, Mobile phone, Car phone, Automotive, Network access device, Lighting equipment, Broadcast equipment, Hands-free voice controlled device, Security equipment etc.
The outer diameter of only mm. 1,80, the insulation in FEP (Fluorinated Ethilene Propylene) and the particular multiwire conductor in Silver Coated Copper Clad Steel give this cable extreme flexibility, high resistance to chemical contamination: oils, fat, fuels, but mostly suitable in operative temperature range of: - 60° /+ 200°C.

Tasker ® cable RG 178 BU FEP is a minicoaxial with marked attitudes to industrial.


General features

RG178 BU
Short description

Impedance 50Ohm

external diameter 1,80mm

Silver plated copper

cable Features

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