TSK1072 super

Radio Frequency cable 1x0,48 (50Ω) + 2x0,50+2x0,75 mm²

TSK1072 super


Digital video cable composed by n° 1 coaxial RG 58 C/U 50 Ω constructed in conformity with the MIL. standards and by n° 2 pair of conductors of different section.
One pair of conductors for the rotation control or for audio switch in case of cameras or monitors with operator call and the other pair for motor supply of max 12/24 V. D.C.

The cable can be applied for the connection of control digital cameras and of motorized Videosecurity and other installation like control of the industrial process, building supervisory etc…

Moreover the cable is suitable for all the application of radiofrequency at 50 Ω like for example the motorized antennas and radio amateur instrumentation.

This cable is therefore advised for the following installations: Supermarkets, Airports, Hospitals, Big Areas, Exhibiting spaces, Sport facilities, offices and other industrial and domestic areas for the connection of motorized radio and videoequipments, Monitors with intercom, etc.

Ideal for Video 50 Ω BNC and RCA connectors.

Here the main features of this cable:
- the inner coaxial according to MIL. C17F standards.
- the different section of the conductors which extends the application possibilities.
- the outer sheath and the conductor insulation in Flame Retardant PVC CEI 20-22/II° which make the cable safe and suitable for the installation in public structures.
- the flexibility and the outer diameter of only mm. 11,4 for the installation in pipes or other pre-exhisting network tubes.
- the possibility to transport both radio and video signals and services with only one cable.


General features

TSK1072 super
Short description

1 Video Digital RG58 C/U 50 Ohm + control + Power

For control digital cameras and motorized video security

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