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C149 Description

HD Video Komby cable 75 Ω + Controls and Power for HD CCTV video cameras and HDTV-HD SDI Video installations requiring a video line and other services in the same cable.

Digital video cable composed of n°1 HD coaxial cable like tasker® TSK 1078 and of n°2 pairs of conductors with different section. One pair of conductors for rotation control or audio switch in case of video cameras or Monitors with operator call, and the other pair for rotor supply with max. 12/24V D.C.

It can be used for connection of motorized digital video cameras for control and Video-security, as for example for building supervisory and/or other installations like industrial processes control.

It is also advised for installation in: Supermarkets, Airports, Hospitals, Big Areas, Exhibition places, Sports facilities, Offices and other domestic environments for the connection of motorized Video equipments and other HD Video instruments.

Here the main features of this cable:
- pure O.F.C copper with high conductivity and aging resistant.
- high performances central coaxial conductor,suitable for HD BNC 3GHz. (Ø 0,81/ 3,7 / 5,9)
- external sheath and insulation of the inner elements in Flame Retardant PVC CEI 20-22/II°, that make the cable sure and suitable for laying in public places.
- Reduced external diameter for installation in tubes or pipes of other pre-existing networks.
- The possibility to transport different signals and services with one cable.



C732 Description

Special Hybrid cable composed of:

2 S-FTP cables Cat. 5e + 2 Digital Audio cables 110 Ω AES/EBU for Mixer, Digital Racks and other broadcast installations.

The possibility of broadcasting Audio and Data lines with a single cable offers many advantages like for example:

- higher speed and great time saving during laying.
- possibility of giving a line to every user and /or arrange future enlargement.
- make checking operations on the equipments easier and post-installation assistance.
- realise a neat and intuitive assembly
- possibility of re-using the cables for several times, make the grouping easier and reducing the costs in case of short term event or fairs.

This cable is suitable for BROADCAST installations, in TV and recording studios, theatres, public buildings and sport facilities, musical events, shows and public square events.

The sheaths of the inner elements and the total sheath are in Flame Retardant PVC according to CEI 20-22/II°