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C128 PUR

C128 PUR Description

Supreme balanced microphone cable low capacity with sheath in Halogen Free for audio and broadcast, suitablefor fixed or mobile installations on long distances.

Cable used for the analogical audio connection of low frequency in recording studios, theatres, conference rooms,concerts, live show and sport events.



T41 Description

Coaxial cable 75Ω with small external diameter for HDTV (High Defi nition TV) and HD SDI (High Defi nition Serial Digital Interface) installations.

This coaxial cable allows the transmission of HDTV signal on the maximum distances of 100 mt.

Suitable for 75Ω HDTV-BNC 3GHz crimping type and N type connectors.

Due to his dimensions it can be used in Broadcast and multi-coaxial installations of HDTV video direction and HD SDI video interfaces in recording and duplication cinematographic studios.