C148 L.S.Z.H.

Security cable 1x0,52 (75Ω) +2x0,50 mm² -L.S.Z.H.

C148 L.S.Z.H.


HD Video Komby cable 75 Ω + Controls for HD CCTV video cameras and HDTV-HD SDI Video installations requiring a video line and other services in the same cable.

Digital video cable composed of n°1 HD coaxial cable like tasker® TSK 1078 and of n°2 conductors for rotation control, for audio switch in case of video cameras or Monitors with operator call or for rotor supply with max. 12/24V D.C.

It can be used for connection of motorized digital video cameras for control and Video-security, as for example for building supervisory and/or other installations like industrial processes control.

It is also advised for installation in: Supermarkets, Airports, Hospitals, Big Areas, Exhibition places, Sports facilities, Offices and other domestic environments for the connection of motorized Video equipments and other HD Video instruments.

Here the main features of this cable:
- pure O.F.C copper with high conductivity and aging resistant.
- high performances central coaxial conductor,suitable for HD BNC 3GHz. (Ø 0,81/ 3,7 / 5,9)
- external sheath and insulation of the inner elements in Flame Retardant PVC CEI 20-22/II°, that make the cable sure and suitable for laying in public places.
- reduced external diameter for installation in tubes or pipes of other pre-existing networks.
- the possibility to transport different signals and services with one cable.


General features

C148 L.S.Z.H.
Short description

1 Video Digital 75 Ohm + Power

For control digital cameras and motorized video security


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