If You are looking for high quality Cable Drums for Your installations, look no further! Our range of professional Schill cable drums with Tasker cable and Neutrik connectors, are designed to be efficient both indoors and outdoors applications, thanks to their extreme robustness and reliability.

Why choose our Cable Drums?

Extreme strength: they withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in outdoor installationss. You can rely on the strength and reliability of our Cable Drumss in every situation, ensuring that Your installations remain functional and safe over time.

Tasker quality: Tasker cables are synonymous of Quality and Reliability, offering superior and high performances in every situation. Relying on Tasker cables means investing in a product that guarantees maximum reliability and optimal performance in the long term, making them the ideal choice for Your most demanding installations.

Secure connectivity: Neutrik connectors ensure a stable and secure connection, avoiding unwanted interruptions

Discover our wide range of Premade Cable Drums availables in our catalog! We will be glad to help You find the perfect solution for Your needs. Or, if you want a custom cable reel, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to or call us to no. +39 02-90390037!

Our team will be happy to provide You with all the technical and commercial information You need!