Stage boxes are highly versatile and customizable devices mainly used in professional audio and live production environments to facilitate the connection and management of audio signals between the stage and the mixer (or other sound control devices). They are essential for simplifying wiring in complex situations such as concerts, theatrical events, conferences, and other live applications.

MATERIAL: Body made of aluminum and indestructible polyethylene.


CUSTOMIZATION: Possibility of laser marking and numbering.

ACCESSORIES: Connector covers for multipin connectors available upon request.

IDEAL USE: The stage boxes we have in our catalog are ideal for multicore cable wiring, DMX and DANTE protocol applications, and multipole speaker cable wiring. However, each stage box can be customized upon the user’s request.


Robustness: All models are designed to be resistant to harsh environments, with bodies made of aluminum and indestructible polyethylene.

Customization: We offer the possibility of customization based on the specific needs of the customer, allowing each stage box to be adapted to the particular requirements of a project or installation.

Versatility: They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring maximum usage flexibility.

These features make the described Stage Boxes an ideal solution for audio professionals who need professional, reliable, durable, and adaptable tools for various work situations, improving operational efficiency and ensuring sound quality in any situation.

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