As every year tasker, in collaboration with the main suppliers of international shipyards, is investing in research and development of products suitable for installation in pleasure boats of all sizes.

These are mainly cables with sheath in low smoke zero halogen L.S.Z.H. for different types of installations.

In audio, our new multi-pair cables such as the C302 LSZH and C304 LSZH are very popular, as well as our speaker cables in sections 1.5, 2.5 and 4 mm², with codes C275 LSZH, C276 LSZH and C277 LSZH.

The light compartment is also important and tasker offers single and double pair DMX cables, highly shielded, such as the TSK1038 LSZH and the C862.

No less important are the cables for video applications, starting from the small RGB75 LSZH up to the TSK1080 LSZH that allows the transmission of 12G-SDI 4K signal up to 100 meters.

Finally, it is good to underline the growing importance of LAN cables, which nowadays, thanks to different transmission protocols, they are used to transport a multitude of different services with a single cable, whether they are audio, DMX, video or data.

To emphasize these products, tasker offers a series of cables with extra-resistant but highly flexible polyurethane sheath, with important braided shielding and stranded copper formations, our codes C725 PUR (Cat.5e), C728 PUR (Cat.6A) or C726 PUR (Cat.7).

Even if at the moment, the systems inside the boats are not yet involved in the CPR regulation, which was created exclusively for fixed laying in building systems, lot of appreciated cables have already been approved for the average fire risk (Cca) because they guarantee greater safety to the whole boat. For this reason, tasker is annually expanding its range of products certified CPR going to cover all the fields of application described above. 

Tasker daily strives to research and develop new products and materials, also creating custom productions, which allow you to have a specific solution for every single customer and to anticipate always the upcoming technologies, providing new products to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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