The New tasker®LIVE line of assembled cables for musical instruments, microphones, speakers and Audio applications is available in different sizes, all of them handmade nuances in Italy with connectors and high quality cables.

STUDIO SERIES: the STUDIO series has been designed for those who don’t want to settle, is realized using pure O.F.C. copper cables and professional connectors entirely in metal with Tip to Tip technology and great mechanical seal. These professional jack connectors guarantee a perfect electric connection thanks to a unique O.F.C. copper bar that goes from the welding spoon to the contact point. Our range of items is also advised for high power audio products such as professional amplifiers with valves final stage where the thermic variation is important to guarantee high audio fidelity in both low and high frequencies.

PREMIUM SERIES: the PREMIUM series is perfect for who wants something really particular, it is realized using pure O.F.C. copper cables with very special color sheaths extremely soft and flexible. They can be combined with special professional connectors with gold plated contacts 24K-1,0μ. These items are advised especially for live performances where you want to give a personal touch to the event still guaranteeing the maximum technical reliability without any limits in moving on the stage.

CLASSIC SERIES: the CLASSIC series is advised for someone who needs a functional product also technically perfect, is realized with pure O.F.C. copper cables and gives you the possibility to put both Tasker and Neutrik connectors. The classic series of Tasker assembled cables has been synonymous of reliability and concreteness for over 50 years, thanks also to a partner like Neutrik, leader worldwide in the Audio sector, which guarantees the maximum strength, professionalism and precision on their products.

All these products will give you the chance to get all the details of your compositions guaranteeing a perfectly clear signal.

Come and discover all the available assembled premade cable or request information on costs and customization. Our team is available for any need. Write to us at or call us at +39 02 90390037!